Fabric Buttons How-To – Making Fabric Covered Buttons With Your Own Button Maker

One of the growing trends in monogramming and embroidery is the use of fabric-covered buttons as an accessory for a number of items, from clothing to purses to shoes. Many small embroidery shops have begun to offer a selection of fabric buttons, including custom monogrammed buttons. With a professional grade button machine, a small embroidery shop can quickly expand its product offering with a fun and versatile fabric button that has a number of uses.

Getting Started by Choosing Your Fabric

One of the most exciting aspects of fabric buttons is choosing the right fabric with which to decorate the button. A trip to the local arts and crafts store is sure to provide a wide array of patterns and designs that can give any fabric button a certain amount of flair.

A number of popular designers offer their patterns as fabrics that can be used for a number of arts and crafts projects. Such popular designers include Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley. With decorative fabric from a popular designer, it is easy to make a trendy fabric button that is sure to impress.

However, some designer fabrics can be somewhat pricey. For a small business looking to produce a large number of fabric buttons in an assortment of colors and patterns, arts and crafts store such as Jo-Ann Fabrics can be a great place to find inexpensive yet stylish patterns.

When choosing fabric, it is important to remember that not every type will work in a button maker. It is a good idea to check the thickness of any material as some materials are too thick for a button maker and others are too thin. This is not a major issue, as most fabrics used in button making are of a relatively similar thickness; however, specialty fabric buttons, using leather for example, will require a button maker that has been calibrated to accommodate the material.

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